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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Garden Beginnings.......

I took a day awhile back
and layed out a calender
and planned my garden backwards!! I looked at when
I wanted things to be harvested and counted back to
when I would need to start them. I did this because
last summer we had a killing frost in August. (GRRRR)
It was actually an enjoyable
process, I had my seeds and
I had a couple of books to determine what things
were cold hardy and how long things took to
grow and I also threw in the idea of planting
some things together that help the growth of
the plants they are near.....
all with a cup oftea and "Pride & Prejudice"
soundtrack in the background.........
Very lovely time indeed :)
This year I want to work really hard for the couple
of months that we can garden and get the harvesting and
preserving done before we have frost. So, I have planned
what can get started inside now and what
could possibly go outside while it is still cold.
Since my husband still does not have much work,
I cannot just go get little starting pots, so have
been making several different types
with whatever I have on hand......
Newspaper pots.....
and below I was blessed to find in my shed these
starting pots.....and I had these plastic lids from
some pans I bought at an Outlet store. The pans
were for taking meals to the Shepherd's House, but
I did not use the lids, I did however save them!!
as well as these little starter pellets........

I also used some toilet paper rolls......

This is what I rigged up for the seeds that needed
higher temperatures to germinate. I used my roaster
oven as a container only (not turned on) and put
our heating pad in the bottom of that. Then I
used some baking cooling racks first to hold
the bottom layer up off the heating pad, then
to hold the second layer up off the first pots.
I also used egg cartons......
I lined the lids with a bit of plastic to hold the
water. At night I put the lid on the roaster,
but kept it off during the day when it was
warmer so the plants would get some light.
Did not take long and there were
baby sprouts everywhere!!!
and they just kept growing and growing!!!
Now they are ready to be
transplanted into a little
bit bigger pots. All I have to do is plant the whole
thing into a bigger pot. All of my starts are this
way so as not to disturb the roots.
Some of what I started has to stay inside until
the beginning of June, then I can put them out
but still have to watch and cover at night.
The cabbage and the broccoli I started inside
because the germination temperature was a bit
warmer than outside is right now, but as soon
as they are growing well and established
I can put them outside as they are both cold
hardy. I will probably put out one little
plant first to be sure. Wouldnt
want to kill them all at once. :)
How is your garden coming???

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CB said...

I love your ideas for making seed starter pots! Thanks for sharing.