"The aged women likewise, that they be in behavior as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; that they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed." Titus 2:3-5

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I am a happy, Christian, wife and post-homeschooling mother. I have spent the last several years homeschooling and now I am "adjusting" to a new season of life as "empty nester". In 2010 we moved to be Host/Caretakers at a Bible Camp. We look at our ministry here as preparing the way for the gospel to be shared as well as encouraging believers in their daily walk. I am a farmgirl at heart and love the country, I love gardening and food preserving. I also, love tea parties!! I also have a Titus 2 heart and want to share with anyone willing to listen and learn. I love having friends over and teaching them how to make bread or put up pickles. And as we work, I love to encourage them to love their husbands and their children and to be Keepers at Home and all that implies and I love that you let me do that here!! Hope you enjoy visiting my farm and walking through a journey in life with me.......I hope at some point in time I can encourage you in your walk and in your home..........

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Winter Preserving

Well, I guess technically it is Spring!! But it is still very
cold here like winter!!
I enjoy canning in the winter when it is not so hot.
Here is my recipe for some easy Spaghetti Sauce to can
and have on hand. Very nice to open a jar for spaghetti or
pizza or chili or soup or.........whatever you like!!
Spaghetti Sauce
1 can Tomatoe Paste
(the large almost gallon size, I get this at
Costco for around $3)
2 cans of water
1/4 C Italian Seasoning (to taste)
(I buy this in bulk from my food co-op, so
it is not very expensive)
2+ T Salt (to taste)
(also in bulk from food co-op)
Mix all together and warm in pan on top of stove,
stirring occasionally to keep from scorching.
Warm your jars and lids.
Fill jars, wipe rims, put lids on.
Cook in boiling water bath for 20 minutes.
This makes 8 or 9 quarts.
I have not calculated the cost of my seasonings exactly,
but this comes out to be right around 30-40 cents
for a quart. I do not know about your area
but we do not ever see a sale like that!!
TIP: When you bake your bread, roll out a couple
pizza crusts for the freezer, nice to be able to just take
those out, use this sauce, do some toppings, have
grated cheese in the freezer and VOILA! Easy Pizza!
Other things that are fun to can in the winter are
soups, beans and meats and things that you do not
have to do something with right now because it
is ready in the garden.

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